Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How Lovely is He

To avoid doing or saying thing I regret, I must remind myself how good is he - KB.

He is patient
He patiently without complain fetching me from east to west, north to south as long as I ask him to.
He wont say no when I ask him to fetch my aunt home when she has no transport to church and back home.
He even dont mind shopping with me (or even with my sis and mum) for hours if I'm looking for something

He is willing to spend for the sake of love
He is stingy sometime, just because he save the money for our future (of course, never deny that it's for his favorite stuff too)
If he is not stingy to save the money, he wont be able to buy a house for both of us, and I only have to pay the cukai tanah =p
He bought cheap and pricey stuff that I like

He got a thick face
He never stop saying "I love you" or some sweet word thou he is not good at that

He is loving
I'm pretty, cute and sexy to him most of the time, not because how I dress up, but it's how much he loves me even thou I wear shorts n t shirt and talk like guy.
He tries his best spending time with me, he always tell me he may not have enough time for me whenever he has to rush for job, but most of the time, he is able to see me atleast a dinner time.

I always complain about him, always bother what he does cuz worry about how people think of us or him, however, 
"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." Philippians 4:8

Pre-Wedding Shoot

I just done pre-wedding shoot with KB, i would say it's a good one thou if I can shoot again, I will choose to do it again, because I know I can do better and more feel~
I dont know why, after prepared for quite some time, did some research, getting make up artist, booking gown, preparing some props and so on, I still didnt really do well, as in not so in to the mood, i really dont know why! and when I look at KB, I was so miss the casual wear of him (I'm not saying his dress up not nice, but instead, looks really cool). May be I really love who he is, and not how he dress up and may be I wasn't use to be such a way, wearing so elegantly, being so lady, nah~ not me.. 
I do HOPE the photos turn out very awesome.......

no place to change cloth, thanks to Grace Tan's suggestion, asking me to get ready with sarong.

* oh by the way, i woke up at 4am, didnt really sleep well and eat well before going to shoot.. @_@

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bersih 3.0

I always think that doing protest is as such:
 and I'll become like that:
 too into drama, i know.. -_-
so i never thought that one day i'll join a protest, cuz honestly, i'm not patriotic

as many people know (especially from FB), Bersih 3.0 has ended up violently or even unfairly. but this is also not my objective of attending Bersih 3.0, to provoke havoc (<- worse intention).

i was planned to take photo and see the crowd, ofcuz, i was prepared to face harmful situation, i brought tower, water, salt and even earphone, becuz many people said government has set up a device that will damage our hearing.

on 428, chung called my sis early morning, said LRT will not operating after 9am, so we quickly get up, without having breakfast and rush to LRT station and arrived before 9am at Masjik Jamek. we were the earliest bird among our friends that are joining Bersih which we didn't plan to go together until few days before we realized they are going too. Chung, Andrew, Shelly, Jin Sun, my sis and KB.

a photo before the event mess up, didnt get to meet up with KB and shelly as there were late, and chung was busy helping friend to set up the big helium balloon. 

as many people know, whether they joint or not, this event turned up unhappily, violently, and not as both parties agreed before. i'm not sure what and how they promised, all i heard from news was that Ambiga, Bersih's chairman said we will not enter Dataran Merdeka as we are not allowed to, so we shall follow the rules.

at about 2pm+, we follow the crowd, heading Dataran Merdeka's direction, not to sit there but may be sitting around the place. walking half way, my sis said better don't go further because she said something may not turn out right, so we stop there and see what is the next step. after a while, we heard some people shouting: "turn back!!" then we saw the people infront showing their hand, indicate that dont go infront, but go back. so me and my sis just follow, reverse our direction but some people stopping, and some people insist want to go foward. that moment, me and my sis dont want to care what the crowd flow, we just try to go back. then again, we heard more people shouting "go back!!" or "balik!!" we looked back, and saw people were running toward us, now we know, we need to run, gotta leave asap, cuz we even saw the smoke. but too many people were there, i beg we can only move 1 step in 2 secs, cant move. situation becoming very tension, some people shout, squeeze to leave the place (felt like acting in the movie, trying to run off from tsunami). i think some people had experience, they shouted "relax!", "calm down!", indeed, it's really calm us down. but not more than 5mins, another sound of tear gas. "poom!! poom!!" people were getting more tension, so me and my sis try our best to run and protect each other, stay close to each other. what was in my mind, "i'm scared, i want to leave this place" then i look at my sis, she was covering her mouth with her wet tower, i was thinking "if anything happen to her, i sure regret, cuz she was sick, and i was the one more insist to go for Bersih."
thank God, we managed to ran to OCBC bank cross junction safely, my eyes was full of tears, face felt like been rubbed by chili, want to drink water but cant swallow, and thrown out. i cant imagine people at the front, how they survived?? later then i know KB was at the front. >_< he said he almost fainted because of the heavy tear gas.
at the end, we took taxi home, because nearby stations were either closed or filled with many people.

this experience is really memorable to me, i can titled it as "Running Away From Disaster" rather than joining a protest event. because there are 2 things i saw personally in this situation, 1. passionate protesters who tried to fight for their right, fight for their land. 2. blinded polis who tried to "wipe off" the protesters as "clean" as possible. "sheat!"

Bersih makes me treasure my only vote, i hope it will remind other peoples of their votes too..

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Birthday Song from Church

i've got a very special birthday song from church.

thanks to my sis, she told most of the people in church that today is my birthday, ended up they spread all over the church, until bro raymond who was the worship leader today, suggested to sing me birthday song. what really surprise me was pastor agreed to his suggestion and immediately those musicians discuss they key and start playing birthday song.. gosh! all i can do is just smiling on stage as i was the pianist today.
anyhow, i feel very appreciated with such blessing, they are such a big family of mine, such a gift is must better than things that money can buy. =)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Time to Wash My Hair or Too Stress?

this picture was taken by my colleague while i was talking on the phone.
now only i realize i look so stress in front of my colleague, until i grab my hair struggling on my work.. haha!! i didn notice that, but indeed i was stress n am stress.. all because those accounts.
oh~ "finance tribe" is killing~ i just always cant understand their language. >_<

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Journey Begun..

after searching 4 photographers, finally me and KB decided to get Grace Tan as our photographer, she is our favorite photographer, a photographer that shoot beyond her job scope, she is story teller. we have been looking for suitable pre-wedding package even though we know the existence of her, because her package is not cheap as we gonna spend a lot for our wedding.
as at now, none is better than her, so we ended up chose her. also because KB 爱面子 *whisper*
and he tries to give me his best la. =)
ah~ preparation begun, don't know how will it turns out..

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Proposal/Christmas Gift

Long time never blog, password almost forgotten some more.

I've got a very big gift from KB, instead of showing it in FB which is what people are doing now days, I rather blog it here.

Sigma lense 17-70mm

Me and KB went for recce for pre wedding shoot place at KL today. Before that, he told me he wants to go to a special place, i was thinking may be some special place for recce which i dont know, or he wants to propose to me in this "special place"?? ha! i think to much, impossible.. said in my heart.
after we went to bank and withdrew our money, he drove to this very old shopping mall at KL which until now i still dont know what it's called, i only know that YL (famous camera trading shop) is inside this shopping mall.
KB: "familiar with this place?"
me: "mm.. YL is here isnt it?"
then he smile. and said wanna buy lense for me, which is the one i aiming to buy years later. i was kinda surprise of what he planned to do because i just told him a week ago and i really didnt expect him to buy, cause it's too expensive. he said this will be my wedding gift kah, christmas gift kah and birthday gift. ah~ to me, whatever.. i just love the gift. =)
day before i even asked him, what he did that is showing love towards me,he seems answering me crap, i knew, he dont know how to answer me, he just can't express well.. well, for me to find out i guess.. =) <3

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Kawaii

My first and new ride. ^^
Miss it more than missing KB when i just got it.. =p

Friday, August 12, 2011

Experienced (big) Miracle (again)

Picture speaks the miracle

i like when someone ask me,

"How do you managed to change industry?"
"How do you get this (current) job?"
"How do you managed to change industry??! i tried but i never get that" <- like the most, but i can't answer this question, as i assumed this person was expecting answer on how well i did to get the job. NO! i didn do anything nor how well am I but how wonderful is God!

Before i answer, i always have that kinda wander look, rolling my eye and smiling. I don't prefer to explain from the time i seeking job until i got over my interview, that's just a process which is quite boring. Instead, i wanna say "miracle" and thanking God in my heart.

Since I started working in my current company, whatever that i've gone through is obviously reminds me of what i was searching for, thinking of and wanted.
i just got to know what actuary do last year, KB told me actuary earn a lot but is hard and it takes a lot of effort to become an actuary. I was wondered what they do and makes them earn a lot (i was eagerly to know all kinds of job as i was planning to change job), then he roughly said something to do with maths. i was like "what??" i like maths a lot but never know what job is related to maths. So i research on this career and even plan to change to this industry IF i'm allowed to.

This is the note i prepared when i wanted to go to UTAR to find out more Actuarial Science but ended up going back home. It's impossible to let go my job and start a course from the beginning (there is no part time course for actuarial degree). Some more the degree can't guarantee a job for me after i graduate. My colleague told me nowdays a lot of fresh graduate can't find job, because the "supply" is more than "demand".

i'm grateful to God for what He has done in my life. it's all began from KB. On last year, KB suddenly started a conversation with his brother (all this while they seldom talk). He asked his brother if there is vacancy for admin job (something that i can do) in his company and he said yes. =D
after the interview, only then i realized my department is actuarial department. =D
after i working sometimes, i realized i (think) can take exam and even claim for exam. =D

"...With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible."
Mark 10:27
"Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4

the most grateful thing is how i experience God through this incident, not only providing this job but He is leading me in my career. there shall be part 2 on how i gone through all the difficulties with Christ. =)

* wanted to write this post for long time, finally i got the time. =p

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chic Pop 6 + Miracle

As I was heading to chic pop after breakfast, the sky was actually getting dark, it's kinda freak me out, cuz i can't miss this bazaar as this bazaar is the most expensive bazaar i've ever joint, and i plan to clear my old stocks. Thus, i prayed...

The picture speaks the miracle, there was nice weather through out the event, and was super crowded. visitors were here and lined up for registration even before the event starts. the amount i earned on that day equals to total of 3 days i've earned at MOFEW.

I nearly miss this bazaar as there was no reply from the organizer, cuz i late giving confirmation. at the end, they called me up for payment. =)